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Almost two million UK motorists 'unknowingly drive without insurance'

Have you ever allowed a family member or a friend borrow your car? Then you may want to read this article to give you a better heads up in the future.

New research from LV= car insurance reveals that 2.2 million motorists have driven without insurance with the majority of these (1.8 million) mistakenly believing they were insured at the time.

Driving a vehicle without insurance, or allowing your vehicle to be used by another driver without insurance, is a serious motoring offence. According to the report, those caught by the police face fines of up to £5,000, up to eight penalty points on their licence, and in some circumstances an instant driving ban can be imposed. Many motorists assume the insurance on the vehicle they are borrowing, or the insurance they have on their own car, will automatically extend to other vehicles but this is often not the case. One in six motorists have lent their car to someone else, and of these, almost one in five believed there was valid insurance in place when there wasn't. A further one in twenty five simply didn’t care that the driver was not insured. Both the car lender and car borrower would be guilty of committing a motoring offence if they were caught by the police.

The main reason for this apathy is that motorists do not perceive this as a serious crime and believe they will get away with it. Over four in ten drivers say they would lend their car to a friend who is not insured to drive it, regardless of the law. Source: lv.com, comparethemarket.com  

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