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Booking a Long Trip Away? Here's Five of Our Top Tips for Travel Insurance

Let’s be honest, with all the excitement that comes with booking your holiday, the thought of arranging Travel Insurance can seem arduous and time-consuming. However, things can go wrong. Don’t ruin a trip of a lifetime just because you weren’t adequately covered, so here are five of our top tips for when it comes to arranging travel insurance.

1. Don’t leave your travel insurance to the last minute

Most travel insurance policies will have a ‘cooling-off period’ of up to 14 days (varies between insurer) after purchasing cover where may not be able to claim. Imagine if you took out an insurance policy the day before you left and within two days of starting your trip, you had an accident which required you to claim. Simply all you need to do, as soon as you’ve confirmed your holiday’s dates, purchase yourself a travel insurance policy. This way you can be confident you’ll be covered.

2. Have a good think about what activities you are going to be doing

Make a list of all the activities you’d like to do whilst you are away. It’s really important you make this comprehensive, especially if you plan to do the more adventurous activities such as climbing, motorcycling, skiing, etc. You might be surprised the amount of travel insurance policies that may only cover part of the activities you wish to do which is why it’s crucial you read the small print and write a comprehensive list.

3. Planning to have a heavy night of drinking? Make sure you’re covered

Many policies won’t cover claims for when you have an excessive amount of alcohol in your body. This isn’t just medical claims, it applies to everything. For example, if you lose your wallet, because you were drunk and can’t remember where you left it then it is unlikely your policy will cover you. If you know you will be having a heavy night of drinking then make sure that you check you’re covered. Ultimately, we all like a few more to drink whilst we’re away so it’s a really simple check that could save you stress.

4. Check how long you’re covered on your home insurance for an unoccupied home

Most home insurance policies will only cover your house unoccupied for up to 30 days. After this, if something was to happen to your property then your insurer might invalidate your claim. It’s really important regardless of how long you are away for, to inform your house insurer that you’ll be away and to double check how long your house insurance covers an unoccupied property.

5. Don’t skimp on your travel insurance policy

It’s easy to think that a cheap travel insurance policy will cover your needs. Whilst that could be the case on a very basic level, usually it’s cheap for a reason.  That doesn’t mean to say you buy the most expensive, but do your research, read the small print and you can be confident you’ll be adequately covered.

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