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Cheaper car insurance for young drivers

Car insurance for young drivers is unbelievably expensive. Data from uswitch.com shows that average premiums for young male drivers aged 17 to 18 can go up to a whopping £2,200.

Why is young drivers insurance so expensive?

The main reason premiums are so expensive is down to risk – statistics show that young drivers are twice as likely than average to have an accident. And that the average cost of an accident involving a young motorist is twice as high as other motorists. Including these statistics, young drivers haven’t had a chance to build up a no claims bonus over time.

Getting cheaper car insurance

Listed below are 3 things you can do to counter the high costs of young driver motor insurance:

1. The car you drive

One factor likely to have a big effect on the price of your insurance is the type of car you drive. If want to be the next boy racer with a heavily modified car and you’re looking for insurance, you better be prepared for a high premium. Insurers factor in things like speed, engine size, security, modifications, etc. They also put differentcars into one group of 50 other different groups.. So when looking for your first car, make sure you buy a cheap car which belongs to groups one to five.

2. Get an extra driving qualification

The ‘Pass Plus’ scheme is a training course aimed at helping drivers become more adept on the road. It takes around six hours to complete and, while not all insurers officially recognise the scheme, big names such as the AA, Churchill and Endsleigh offer discounts to drivers who have passed it.

3. Increase car security

Adding extra car security features, such as an alarm or immobiliser, can often help you get cheaper cover. Car insurance can be cheaper still if you park your car in a garage or driveway overnight rather than leaving it on the street as insurers see this as a further way of minimising risk.

Source: uswitch.com, parkers.co.uk, admiral.com

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