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Easy ways to invalidate your car insurance

It’s a legal requirement to have car insurance in the UK yet, it’s extremely easy to invalidate your policy. Should you need to claim, you might find yourself not covered or at best, not receiving the full cover that the policy offers. Here are six easy ways to invalidate your insurance.

1. Not telling your insurer about any modifications

Any non-standard modifications made to a vehicle must be declared on the insurance policy. Essentially this is a change made to a vehicle which differs from the manufacturer’s original specification such as a tow bar, non-standard exhaust, performance modifications, alloy wheels, etc. If you are looking to modify your vehicle, make sure that you contact your insurer before doing so otherwise you might be hit with a hefty bill, especially if you are looking to make performance improvements.

2. Giving the incorrect estimation on your annual mileage

Insurers will ask that you estimate your annual mileage for your insurance policy. This number can drastically affect the cost of your policy as insurers use this to calculate risk. Statistically, the more you drive, the more risk there is that something could happen. With the recent change in MOTs, it is now easy for insurers to see the mileage history of your vehicle between each MOT and make an assessment as to whether you have gone over your mileage estimate. If you do find yourself over your mileage estimation during the policy, don’t worry. Just call your broker or insurer and give them the facts. Whilst you might have to pay extra, you can feel confident knowing that you are covered.

3. Giving the wrong class of use

There are three different types of cover:

  • Social only or “social, domestic and pleasure use” – essentially you can only use the vehicle for day-to-day driving and not commuting to work or using in business.
  • Social and commuting – the above with the addition of driving back and forth to a permanent place of work.
  • Business use – If you require the use of your vehicle beyond commuting. i.e. visiting clients

If you were to make a claim and were found to be commuting or using your vehicle for business and you only had social use then this may result in your claim being reduced, refused or the policy invalidated.

4. “Fronting” or wilfully stating something you know is untrue

“Fronting” is where an older/more experienced driver, usually a parent, states that they are the main user of a vehicle that’s actually driven by a young person or other high-risk motorists. Admittedly, this could reduce premiums however it is actually an offence to do this as it’s considered a type of fraud.

5.  Not keeping your personal details up to date

Such as moving home or getting a new job. Your home address is a major consideration in the premium you pay, as insurers use the crime rate in your area to determine theft risk. Any change to your personal circumstances that you think could be a factor for calculating risk on your policy (health, address, job, parking arrangements, etc) then you must make your insurer aware otherwise risk having problems when attempting to claim. For example, think if your car was stolen from your home address where you can only park on the road, you make a claim and insurer finds that the address on your policy was actually different and you stated you parked your car in a garage.

6. Forgetting to inform them about Conviction (Penalty) Points you picked up since last year or forgetting to disclose a claim you had driving in a different vehicle

It’s easy to think that you won’t need to disclose a claim for a different vehicle or not mentioning penalty points on your license, but insurers use this as a way of calculating risk and it’s important you mention this.

Don’t run the risk of invalidating your insurance, ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’

So, six easy ways to cause problems with your car insurance, yet certainly not an exhaustive list. At best making any of the mistakes above will result in an additional premium being payable, at worst it may result in your claim being reduced, refused or your policy being invalidated.

If you’re ever uncertain about something with your car insurance, why not give us a call. We are an insurance broker with over 25 years of experience and we are here to help.

Give us a call on 01454 322 266 or get a quote for your car insurance today.


  1. I have a very complicated case and need business use insurance any chance I can see someone face to face and talk my options through to find vehicle insurance?

    1. Hi Kirstie,

      Thank you for your comment – we will be in touch via email in due course.

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