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Guide to Business Insurance (Series) - Public Liability

This is part two of a whole series of business insurance related guides – see all of the guides in this series.

What is it?

In a nutshell, Public Liability is what covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against your business if a third party is injured or their property suffers damage whilst at your business premises or when you are working in their home, office or business property.

Now that’s a lot so let’s distill that whole sentence into simplified terms. Effectively, Public Liability Insurance is covering you for any damage or injuries made at a property you may be working at or at your own office. Easier to follow right?

So we’ve established what Public Liability Insurance is, but why would I need it and is it required?

Will your business benefit from it?

Okay so you’ve got a basic understanding of what it is, your next steps include contemplating whether or not some of the following points relate heavily to your business?

  • Customers/Clients regularly visit your business
  • You regularly visit customers/clients properties
  • You regularly conduct work in customers/clients properties


If any of those are applicable to your business then you should most likely invest in Public Liability Insurance. It’s better to cover yourself sooner rather than later, don’t wait on it!

Is it a legal requirement?


Is it worth investing in?

Very much so.

As opposed to Employer’s Liability, Public Liability is not a legal requirement; this doesn’t make it any less of a priority. Of course, this is subject to what type of work the business you’re insuring, so you need to think about the work you do and if you need this insurance. Its effectiveness varies from industry to industry but typically you’ll want it. You can never predict accidents, but you can prepare for them.

Scenarios where Public Liability Insurance Would’ve Helped?

To put things into perspective, if a customer were to trip over a wire in your office and break their ankle, without public liability insurance you may have to pay out.

Another likely example may happen whilst conducting maintenance work at a property. You could per say, be changing a door which unfortunately drops and crushes your clients PS4. Now you’re having to shell out £150+ for that console alongside his copy of Call of Duty which was inside it. Not ideal is it…

With Public Liability Insurance, however, you would be spared those unfortunate events! Well, you wouldn’t be ‘spared’ you just won’t have to pay for them. Which is just as good right?

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