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What is Fleet Insurance?

Any motor vehicle that is used or left on a public highway is legally obliged to have adequate insurance cover. UK motor fleet insurance is a policy that will cover 2 or more specified vehicles of any type. The policy can be taken out for private or commercial vehicles. The only differences between a single vehicle policy and a fleet vehicle policy are how your vehicles are rated. Instead of rating on each vehicle and earning ‘No Claims Discount’, the insurer will rate on the claims experience of your entire organisation.

What are the benefits of Fleet Insurance?

As opposed to having a motor insurance policy for each vehicle, fleet insurance will reduce the administrative burden on you/your organisation as there will be only one renewal date with one insurer. You will also receive a discounted price per vehicle.

There are disadvantages too. Since your renewal for all of your vehicles will fall on the same day, this means that your cash flow may be adversely affected because you will have to find the total premium all at once. You may be able to spread the payment over a few months, but there is likely to be a credit charge for this.

What does it cost?

The overall premium is determined by how many vehicles you have, what the vehicles are, who drives them, what they are used for and how many claims/convictions you have had. For these reasons it is not possible to give a figure without finding this information.

Looking for a quote?

We are an Insurance Brokerage located in the UK who has over 25 years of experience. Click here to get a fleet insurance quote today. Alternatively, if you are unsure whether fleet insurance is the right and most cost effective policy for you then we are here to help. We can talk you through the process and/or provide you with advice. Please get in contact with us on 01454 322266 or email us at enquiries@edisonfordinsure.co.uk.

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